The Barefoot Revival approach focuses on beauty, simplicity and sustainability. It is inspired by barefoot days, growing up in rural Nova Scotia and a desire for simpler ways of being and living.


Tired of synthetic fragrance, toxic chemicals, excessive packaging and corporate values I couldn’t support, I started making my own personal and home care products. Each product I made, I consciously did so through a lens of simplicity and sustainability - using what I had on hand, purchasing raw materials as locally as I could, and using high-quality, natural ingredients. These are not new concepts. Many skills and practices that have been around for generations are lost on us, as we are tempted by modern convenience and consumerism. 

Now I make my products in small batches so that others can enjoy them too. I hand-craft everything using natural, and sustainable materials and keep my packaging as zero-low waste as possible. They are quality products, designed to last. And when its life-cycle is over, most product components can be re-used, composted or re-cycled. 


Commercial personal and home care products are quite frankly polluting our bodies, our spaces and our planet, and this barefoot house-witch just won’t have it. Each of us can imperfectly implement small changes that together can create a whole lot of good for the world around us. A revival. An awakening. Call it what you will. It’s about simultaneously being in touch with ourselves and the spaces we occupy - and being intentional, wonderful and radical in the process.