Up-Cycled Jewellery Frame

Even though I have significantly scaled back my accessory collection, I needed something that I could hang in my closet where I could easily see and reach for the pieces I wear the most. There are plenty of products to meet this need on the market.

Did I mention I'm a thrifter? An up-cycling junkie if you will.

I'll talk about this more at another time but there are some serious advantages to creating your own cool treasures from someone else's trash. One - you just saved that piece from the landfill. Two - you don't need to buy a mediocre (at best) product from a big-box store. Three - instead of having what everyone else has at the aforementioned big-box store, you've now got a unique piece of your own. Four - it cost you $1.05.

Luckily, I had most of the materials I needed on-hand. The only thing I purchased was this wooden frame for 1.00 (plus tax) at a local thrift store. Even if you were to buy the remaining materials, you're looking at 10$ max. Everything you need is listed and shown in the photo below.

- Wooden Frame (Any Size - for the purpose of this project, mine is 9 x 12 inches)

- Crazy Glue

- Wooden Skewers / Dowels

- Screw-In Metal Hooks (x6)

- Acrylic Paint

- Paintbrush

1. Cut the dowels or skewers to fit the width of the frame.

2. Paint your frame and dowels. I needed to do three coats.

3. Determine the spacing of your dowels and with a measuring tape pencil mark the back of the frame. Spacing will depend on your needs. I needed mine to reflect varying lengths.

4. Attach the dowels with a strong bonding glue. Allow to set.

5. On the front of the frame, determine placement for necklace hooks. Measure and pencil-mark.

6. Screw in the required number of hooks.

7. Attach to wall using the existing hardware on the back of the frame.

8. Voila!

Happy up-cycling!