Layered & Distressed: Painted Side Table

We were in need of an end table in our living room, so I hit up a local used furniture store and left with this.

You'll need the following supplies:

-Sandpaper or Sanding Block

-Finishing Wax

-Various paint colours. I used three that I had on hand - leftovers from previous projects. -My first two colours were regular acrylics, but my final layer was a chalk paint.

-1-2 inch paint brush

- rag

First give the piece a good wipe-down and a light sanding.

Using the darkest colour, apply it to the areas that will become accented. This is typically grooves and edges. Then use a dry-brush technique to apply a light coat of this colour to the entire piece. To dry-brush, dip your brush in the paint and then dab it on a plate / towel to remove excess.

Once paint dries, apply wax with a rag to areas that you don't want the next layers of paint to stick. Again, these are accent areas - grooves, edges, legs etc.

After 20 minutes, start applying you second layer of paint, again using a dry-brush technique. For this layer I'm using a mossy/light green.

Your medium-tone layer should dull down the accents and you should start seeing a layered effect. The key is to keep the brush strokes light and varied.

Now it's time for the final paint application. I chose a milky white and similar to the previous steps, I used a dry-brush technique to apply. Take care to avoid the grooves so that the white paint doesn't settle in them (as these are the accent areas).

As the paint is drying, go back to some of the section where you applied wax, and lightly wipe the paint off, revealing the darker colours underneath. When paint has completely dried, you can also take a sanding block to distress some of the hard edges (light sanding will reveal the layers of paint, more aggressive sanding will take you back to the original colour or wood-tone of the piece).

Depending on your needs, you can leave the piece as-is or seal it with finishing wax or Polycrylic. Here's the final product - a perfect addition to our living room!