It's (more than) Okay to Run

Some of us are runners (And I don’t necessarily mean the 10K kind). I mean the drifters. The dreamers. The chasers.

We run from the things that no longer light our soul on fire and the things that deflate us. We run from lovers. From jobs. From towns or cities. Sometimes we flee for good and sometimes we just temporarily seek refuge elsewhere.

We understand that there is no ‘final destination’. That happiness and magic can be found in every new place we visit and every new person we meet along the way.

I think we’re all born with an innate desire to run. I’m sure it relates back to our childhood experiences and the window of tolerance we operate within. But somewhere along the way we are taught to suppress that urge. That it is somehow a character flaw, or shows weakness. As adults we ‘stick it out’ and we ‘settle down’. On the contrary, I think it takes an incredible amount of strength to recognize when it is time to move on from something and then to actually do the moving on.

This doesn’t mean that we run from everything. And it certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t attach ourselves to people, places or things. When we find something worth sticking to - we stick hard.

Running from, translates into running to. To new lifestyles. New jobs. New romance. New anything. If your spirit isn't being sparked, then lace up. You never know what new adventures are around the corner.

Cheers, A.