How do you like your coffee? Black, with a splash of sustainability.

It's International Coffee Day!

I discovered the magical coffee bean when I was in university and there was no going back. Like the billions of others who indulge in the world's most consumed substance, I was hooked. From the delightful tastes and aromatics to the miraculous effects of caffeine - coffee is a life-force that many of us refuse to do without. But something we should be willing to do without - unjust and unsafe working conditions, environmental degradation, and the unnecessary waste that often accompanies your morning fix.

My coffee preferences and practices have changed quite drastically over the years as I became a bit more socially conscious (and perhaps a bit of a coffee snob). In addition to celebrating the day with a cup of my favourite brew, I felt it was important to bring the lens of sustainability to the (breakfast) table. Read on for tips for enjoying your coffee in a more sustainable fashion and for a peek of my daily paraphernalia.


[L-R]: Costa Rican beans from 'The Roasterie', French Press, and a mug I made at my first pottery lesson (which fits my hand perfectly!)

How do you like your coffee?


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