For the Love of Linen

In all of its rustic glory, linen is my favourite fabric. It’s one of the only fabrics I know of that actually improves with age, and looks completely chic when left in its naturally wrinkled state. My sewing machine has been getting a work-out this week as I've been experimenting with some new linen looks.

Check out these Anthropologie inspired dinner napkins. Hand-fringed and machine-sewn they were a tedious task but fun to do. I’ve got a few other colours in mind, and hopeful that they will make an entrance into my Etsy shop.

These Lavender Sachets I’ve been wanting to make for while. They are basically adorable linen 'beanbags' filled with dried lavender buds. The perfect addition to closets, shoe cabinets, dressers, (ahem - or a certain someone’s gym bag). The lavender buds will retain their scent for a long time, but if they need to be freshened up they can be spritzed with a lavender spray.

I have sourced my linen from a Canadian based online retailer Earth Indigo as they are committed to offering eco-friendly and ethical choices to the crafting community. What are your favourite linen products?