Calendula Infused Oil

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When I was very little, I sounded out the word 'calendula' on a bottle of my mom's lotion and ever since the pronunciation "" has been hard for me to escape. Calendula, properly pronounced "kuh.lend.yuh.luh" is a popular addition to cosmetics and lotions for its ability to heal dry, irritated and inflamed skin.

My intent for this oil is that it will eventually be used as a base for a calendula salve. There are a few ways to create an infusion - for this one I chose the time-honoured solar method. For this you will need:

1 cup of dried calendula

1.5-2 cups of carrier oil (such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sweet Almond Oil)

Glass Jar with a lid

Paper Bag

Patience :)

Super simple.

1. Just add 1 cup of dried herb to a clean, sterilized glass jar.

2. Fill the jar with your preferred carrier oil, ensuring that the herbs are completely covered.

3. Set the jar on a sunny window sill. **If using this method, your glass should be dark - if its clear, just place a brown paper bag over the top.

4. Every few days, take a few minutes to turn the jar upside down and back a few times. I also use this as an opportunity to ask something of the infusion (please help my skin!)

5. After a period of 4-6 weeks, you are ready to strain your oil.

In 4-6 weeks, when the wait is over, you'll need the following:


A small - medium bowl

Funnel or strainer

Sterilized Jars for Storage

1.Place a cheesecloth lined funnel or strainer over the bowl in which you want the oil to collect.

2. Start pouring the oil / herb mixture into the funnel. The oil will start seeping into your bowl, leaving the herbs above.

3. Gather the ends of the cheesecloth and extract as much of the remaining oil as you can by squeezing the remaining herbs.

4. Store in a clean, sterilized glass jar (one with a dropper is best).

Calendula oil can serve many purposes. I'll be using this oil as a night-time serum, particularly for the delicate skin around my eyes to help heal a bout of winter-induced eczema. The remaining oil will make its way into a calendula salve to protect against the dry winter cold.

Thanks for visiting! I hope this inspires you to make an infusion of your own.